Where is the Joy?

This has not been a particularly enjoyable week. We’ve had tense days seeing a worldwide rise in COVID cases and increasing tensions over the Presidential Election. I’ve been overwhelmed by all of the “breaking news” coming at us. But I awoke this morning with joy on my mind. I’ve been asking myself some questions:

  • Is there joy to be found as health departments across the United States issue further restrictions and more people lose their jobs while relief is months away?
  • Is there some perverse joy we get in seeing one candidate lose to another?
  • Do rioters find joy in screaming insults at the other side?
  • Do candidates on both sides find joy in criticizing their opponent, their followers, and the media? Is that why they do it so much?
  • In our “age of despair” why are so many people losing their sense of joy?
  • Is it calloused to feel joy when so many around us are hurting?

I was reminded again that joy is our superpower. It is the thing that is going to get us through this difficult time. Not enjoying another’s failures or boasting about our success, but a deep joy within that carries us through the day.

Years ago, a family member underwent a crucial surgery performed by a world-renowned surgeon. It was a delicate and lengthy procedure but one that could extend life if it was successful. The good news is that it went well. The better news is that a source of joy was found in the one performing the surgery. It was the presence of the surgeon and his God-given skills that gave us joy needed to see it through.

With joy comes trust. With anxiety comes distrust.

It is like having a person that you really love in your life. It could be a spouse, a partner, a child or a friend. The world outside of that relationship can be falling apart, but you know that as long as your BELOVED person is near, everything is going to be okay. You have joy, just because that person is near.

It’s the relationship with God and the people in our life that give us the joy needed to carry us through. One day, hopefully soon, the pandemic will end, and the president chosen. And what will remain, will be the experience of having been through it with the important people in our life.

Where is the joy? Look around, it might be sitting right next to you.

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels