Happy Father’s Day, Mom

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Dear Mom,

Father’s Day is upon us. I am reminded again of how you stood in for my absent dad. This time of year, I see “World’s Best Dad” mugs and t-shirts. I see “My dad is a hero” on social media posts and merchandise. I think, “my dad is a zero.” Zero involvement. Zero contact. Zero courage. He came in and out of our lives like the wind. 

His choice to be out of our lives is not a reflection of my value as a person.

I know this is true because you stepped up when he stepped out. You drove me to sports practices after a long day of work in a car that had seen better days. You shopped for groceries and had dinner on the table for my brother and me. Then cleaned up and helped us with homework. You made sure we had what we needed when we needed it. When he left the final time, you took an extra job so I could stay in college. We would not be the sons we are today, without you. We are the sons we are today because of you. 

So Happy Father’s Day, Mom.

And to all the single moms reading this who are wondering if what you are doing matters, I can say that it mattered to me when my mom did it. I didn’t realize how much it meant to me at the time, and your kids probably don’t either…yet. But they will. 

I know you get tired. I know you get anxious. You may wish your kids had a greeting card dad, but they don’t. 

Author Donald Miller says it is time to rewrite the story of fatherlessness in America. But that won’t happen without your strength, courage, and perseverance.

You do your best and give your all to make up the difference daily. And sometimes you feel as if no one is watching. But your kids see you. Your friends see you. Your co-workers see you. God sees you. 

You do twice as much to care for your kids, so I think you deserve another day in your honor. 

So, Happy Father’s Day, Mom. 

You are making a difference. 

With love,

Your grateful child