Another Measure of Our Success

Image courtesy of hin255/

Image courtesy of hin255/

Baseball is back!  This week players are returning to spring training.  Soon there will be discussions about umpires who are “blind as a bat.”  One notorious line umpires use is, “I call them like I see them.”  Seeing leads to a response: calling a ball or strike.

There is a life principle here.

We treat others the way we see them

Our most meaningful relationships are those in which we see the best in others, accept the worst and love them anyway.  This is the path to relational joy.  Successful people see beyond their own needs and use their resources to help others.  Bank account size doesn’t matter, they use what they have.

Their attitude is, “I will use what I have to serve and help.”

There is an old, well-travelled story about Grandpa Joe.  He and his wife lived in a neighborhood where there were a lot of school aged children.  Every day after school as they walk by his house he stands outside in the driveway waving hello and asking them about their day.  He is a gentle grandfather figure to the neighborhood kids.  He makes the kids day by giving out candy and smiles.  It is his daily dose of joy.  On days he can’t be there, the kids miss him.

One day Grandpa Joe has a new concrete driveway poured. Joe has another appointment that day so he is not there while the work is being done. The workers are just leaving as the kids are coming down the street.  The concrete is not quite dry.  Wet concrete and neighborhood kids are a creative combination.  The kids can’t resist drawing pictures and their names in Grandpa Joe’s driveway.

When Grandpa Joe gets home and sees it, he is furious.  He says to his wife, “I can’t believe those kids did this to my nice new driveway.  That’s it, no more candy and smiles for them.”

Joe’s wife tries calming him by saying, “Joe, I thought you loved those kids.  Those kids love you.”

Joe replies, “You are right, I do love those kids.  But I love them in the abstract, not in the concrete.”  (Insert groans here)

Demonstrate love

Love is demonstrated in concrete actions.  When we have an attitude that sees others as valuable and important, our actions express it.

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There is power in lending a hand to help people.  When we help someone, it is a win/win deal.  Their needs are met and we get joy.

I’ve discovered that my joy is greater when I have at least one other person in my life who is in my life for no other reason than to receive my help.  They can’t give me anything in return, nor do I expect it.

In return, there is joy.

And that is enough.